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Heartwood Carpentry Inc is a family-owned business with Luke Murdock as the owner and general contractor and his wife Megan helping in the background. Luke lives in beautiful New Meadows, Idaho with his family on the farm they have created together. He has a passion for the outdoors and loves to mountain bike, hike, motorcycle, and ski in his off time.


Luke started at a young age in the carpentry world helping his father, whom is also a general contractor, with many of his projects in the Treasure Valley of Idaho. Once Luke graduated high school, he moved to Valley County to continue his passion for building, working with a close friend and general contractor for many years. Luke now has over 18 years of experience and has a passion for the building industry. He loves to work with energy efficient products and strives to take what the clients want for their project and turn them into a reality. He has a passion and talent for woodworking and loves to integrate this into projects as clients want and need. 

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